Activate Âmazón Mytv from ámazón.cóm/mytv

To activate Âmazón Prime video using Âmazón code you need to enter Âmazón activation code on ámazón.cóm/mytv. Before activating login in to your Âmazón account with the credentials which you registered.If you do not have Âmazón account or subscription and face problem for Âmazón activation, do not worry our technical team will help you.

How to Enter Âmazón mytv Activation code?

  • Step 1 : Select Âmazón application on your TV and select log in.
  • Step 2 : On Screen you get a option to Activate Âmazón from your computer. Click on Activate on a computer to get your unique Device Activation Code. You will get activation code on your TV Screen. Unique Device Activation code is combination of 6 alphabetic and numeric characters. Here is a sample code : GE56RF
  • Step 3 :Now you have valid activation code for your device, go to ámazón.cóm/mytv on your computer device. You may be asked to sign in. Login to Âmazón account.
    • Click on "Manage Your Subscription" or "Activate your Subscription"
      • Activate Âmazón Prime Subscription
      • To activate your Âmazón mytv subscription. Enter Âmazón Activation Code and click "Activate".
      • Within 25- 30 Seconds, your subscription will be activated in Âmazón account
        Manage your Subscription
      • To manage your Âmazón subscription. click on "Manage your subscription".
      • you can deactivate every Âmazón firestick device if Âmazón prime is connected with firestick device. click on remove icon which device you want to remove.
      • You will then be logged out of all gadgets that you have expelled from your Account page.
  • Step 4 : You will be prompted your subscription is activated.

Please note that mobile devices, as well as some TV-connected devices, do not have an activation code. In that case, you can activate the Âmazón application by logging in with your email and password

How to use Âmazón mytv after Activation?

To start watching Âmazón’s streaming library or Âmazón with Live TV, all you need is:

  • A high-speed internet connection
  • A supported device
  • A Âmazón subscription

Âmazón Prime comes in different packages which start from $10 to $50 per months as per the content access. User can choose any subscription plan and can upgrade or degrade as per requirement and Activate Âmazón MyTv. New subscribers can choose whichever plan works best for them and start their free trial today.